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Exploring glowworm caves in New Zealand

After finally getting my camera back from the repair shop I thought i'd put it to good use and take it down to the glow worm caves. This is by far the hardest thing i've tried to photograph... sorting out camera settings is all well and good but you literally can not see ANYTHING down there... And of course once you've finally found a nice composition, someone comes along with head torch, flashing it on and off turning the place into a rave and ruins your shot... also the amount of condensation that gets on your lens down there is mad. STILL, enjoyed the challenge, and the view was surreal.

Whay do you think?

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John Vander Ploeg's picture

Love this!

joseph cole's picture

that's a real thing i thought that was out of sci-fi "Pitch Black" i think the movie was called. Very cool bet is was tough to photograph.

Ryan Hill's picture

Haha deffinately! It was difficult but great fun! Thanks man

Arthur Morgan's picture

Well done. You can use a low power head torch with a red filter to make your life easier during set-up.
Did you have a tripod? Bean bags are great for when tripods are not available.

Ryan Hill's picture

Thanks Arthur! Yes this was shot with a tripod. I think a red filter head torch is deffinately a good investment!

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Wow, looks like a really interesting place to check out! Great shot.

Ryan Hill's picture

It really was! thanks man