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Moon over Santorini

Captured this during our transit into Fira. I was on a moving boat so it was hard to get a good capture but I think this was the best. Feedback always welcome.

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I like this one, Shawn! One of your best. I like its quiet understatement, the composition, the subtle textures of the sea against that sky & its inconspicuous moon, and the tonings of sea & sky with that brighter central band with the land mass. Nice change from OMG Santorini. Can't think of anything I'd change. Good job!

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Thanks Chris! This transit and the transit into Kotor were just amazing. This was 90 degrees to the sun so I picked up some of those great blue skies of the Med. It was really nice coming in and around the caldera early in the morning. Once we got into Fira the tourist rush was on, so I am pretty grateful we these nice moments going in.

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I love this photo, so please do not take my comment the wrong way.
It is called "MOON over Santorini", so where is the Moon ? I am color blind and so I can not tell whether it is night or day. I would like to see an actual Moon in the shot to clarify the time of day etc. But as I said before, this is a great shot.

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No offense taken Peter. It is just a small dot in the photo because I was using my 16-35, and this is at 16mm. The photo was around 7 in the morning and the moon is on the left. If you zoom the picture, it is app one inch above the island, and one inch from the side of the frame.

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Thank you, Shawn. I found the moon and it is quite small, but that is understandable. It is a wonderful shot. Regards, Peter