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Tre Cime di Lavaredo Sunset


I took this photo on my recent trip to the Dolomites. I stood in the clouds for an hour hoping to get a glimpse of this iconic mastiff and came away with this image. Any feedback that you have would be greatly appreciated.


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Very beautiful moment the edit is a little soft for my personal taste but there is so much here rolling clouds, color, light. Nice capture

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Thanks for the feedback Joseph! I will be sure to take that into consideration.

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Worth the wait, Matthew! Good job. I love the drama of the spires and that sky, not to mention that amazing serpent of a cloud.

As for feedback - a minor point: I find the foreground ridge a bit distracting, like a muddy building site amongst this rocky glory. Cropping it doesn't work, as it is like a foundation for "that" cloud. I'd be inclined to drop its exposure, and maybe burn in the shadows to make it look more rocky, although this can make it compete with the Cime. It's tricky tying to make it blend in better - I've tried several edits! You can't always get everything exactly as you want with mother nature. I think you've done a great job.

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Thank you very much for excellent feedback!

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Awesome clouds creeping over the crest. Nice location and composition.

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Creepy Fog - its like alien life in the movies. Reminds me of the fog around Golden Gate bridge in SF

Love the flow of the clouds! My eye is drawn to the brightest part of the cloud up top though. Bringing the exposure down here might keep the attention on the mountain.

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Really great image. Congratulation for the moment!
Is a little bit soft also for me, but anyway amazing shot.