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Caught Between

An unplanned, spur-o-the-moment shot I took at sunrise in Utah while hiking. I really liked this smaller 'snippet' of the larger landscapes around me and tried to create an interesting composition with the sun and stone. The sunburst was captured in camera, not added in post.

What ya think?

Handheld 1/30 ISO 1000 f/13

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Przemek Lodej's picture

Pretty neat. Love Utah. It has soooo much to offer for landscape photography.

David Perman's picture

The gradient sky color fits well in this image.

Alan Brown's picture

More quality work from you Joe.

I think what you have done with the foreground id worthy of acknowledgement.
Not only do the bushes anchor and add interest to the image the sun-kissed highlights form a great lead in to the sunburst - I am guessing that this is not accidental ......

Great work

Chris Jablonski's picture

Interesting and imaginative, Joe! Great job, as usual from you. I like the sepia-like effect - I can't tell, is this monochrome or restricted-palette colour? The backlit foliage is a nice soft touch, and foil to that perfect sunstar, as Alan suggests.

Joe Scalise's picture

Thanks Chris.

In reference to the colors, I only added 4%-5% touch of red/orange to the deeper shadows. As for the overall shot, the colors were all there, I didn't restrict or re-color. This shot was not too planned, just happened to be standing at this particular spot waiting to shoot something else before the sun came up. Then just as the sun became visible (as in the shot) the entire landscape and hazy sky lit up for a very brief moment in a soft orange, for which I kept my finger on the shutter and fired away. So I was able to get some color in the sky before it turned back to a warm blue grey, and the stones all around me were a rust orange color already, the stones in this shot were enhanced by the sun reflecting off the high stone walls behind me. All that said, when i saw the sunrise, my first goal was to capture the sunburst in between the stones (as well as the glow on the grasses) and just try to create a 'graphic' composition.