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Caught Between

An unplanned, spur-o-the-moment shot I took at sunrise in Utah while hiking. I really liked this smaller 'snippet' of the larger landscapes around me and tried to create an interesting composition with the sun and stone. The sunburst was captured in camera, not added in post.

What ya think?

Handheld 1/30 ISO 1000 f/13

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Przemek Lodej's picture

Pretty neat. Love Utah. It has soooo much to offer for landscape photography.

David Perman's picture

The gradient sky color fits well in this image.

Alan Brown's picture

More quality work from you Joe.

I think what you have done with the foreground id worthy of acknowledgement.
Not only do the bushes anchor and add interest to the image the sun-kissed highlights form a great lead in to the sunburst - I am guessing that this is not accidental ......

Great work