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Long Exposure

Taken at Cape Tormentine New Brunswick. Fujifilm Xt30 18-55 Zomei 10 stop nd .

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it's okay - your biggest challenge is that no one can see it is a long exposure as the rocks take to much of the photo and they are the same if it is 1/1000s or 2 min exposure.

For a long exposure to work it needs to be one or more elements that gets manipulated by the extended exposure that are vital in the shot. Here the water is to marginal part of the shot and the sky is to over exposed to give any details.

Find a better motive and try again. Only through practice comes the perfect shots.

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It may seem better withe camera closer to the ground and from the side.

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Thanks for the advice, that was my first shot using the 10 stop filter, I will give it another try.