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Bale Mountains

New to the community and group. Let me know what you think of my work from the Bale Mountains in Ethiopia!

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Welcome to the forum and this Group, Corey! You should find this a stimulating and friendly environment.

Wow! An excellent start. All very impressive, appealing images.

The first three have a real power, almost a signature look the share. I'm usually put off by symmetry, but I like your central placement of that striking tree, perhaps because the background is not symmetrical. The same applies to the following image.

The last two images have a sense of other-worldly mystery about them that is very compelling in a different way.

I like all your compositions and processing (although there is the faintest of haloes around that tree. However, if this is all film and darkroom, I imagine that burning in invisibly is harder than with digital.)

Let's see more from you!

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They all are great! The previous poster pretty much said everything so I won’t bore you repeating it, but the 4th one really struck me the most. It’s almost like the tree in the middle was some strange creature running away. Keep up the good work !

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Thanks guys! I love the constructive criticism, i'm working on building this series into a book so its super helpful.

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That's great. I think more photographers should create books of their work.

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I'm glad to hear that your making a book with these images. They definitely deserve to be in one.

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Thanks! Ill have to post the link to the kickstarter when that time comes!

All but one images would be considered excellent. I'm having trouble grasping the single tree images as it down't look "real" or it's been added as an afterthought. The most impressive images are the last two. Mangled tangled moss growing along these branches or roots. I'd have to name it "the dancing forest"

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Thanks for the feedback! I think the reason the tree doesn't look real is the over dodging and slight halo effect. It will be something i need to refine when it comes time to print the book. But the scene is 100% authentic!

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Fantastic set of images, difficult to pick which one i like best