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Opinion/critique needed

Hi everyone, posting here for the first time. Just curious, about this work: bad/need rework or maybe good as it is but not great.

Would you print and hang it on your wall?

Thank you!

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Not sure the dog should have been included in this.but the textures and shadows in the foreground as well as the background make this work. Granted you're talking to a person who printed, matted & framed his own work just to display on his own living room wall.

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Thank you very much for your reply. I was't sure about the dog as well. But it looked a bit empty without it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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It's not that I don't like the dog, just seems out of place. The image is worth framing as I showed you with my teddy bear. In that case, anything is worth framing.

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I love it - don't change anything! Yes I would hang it if it is a golden retriever named Wally! I have space for one more:-)

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Thanks Sridhar. Quite specific requirements... Will try my best but no promises :)

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All the technical factors seem fine. You might want to test print it to make a decision. Personally, I could see someone using this image on a wall.

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Thank you David. Will try to print it soon.

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Including the dog gives it life and scale.

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I had couple of shots without the dog as well but it looked a bit dull . Although, dogs and sun down beaches are not most common subjects but well...

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I like the composition and subject. This would look great on metal but definitely test print. IMHO putting the dog in full silhouette would reduce confusion between it and the brightness of the sun.

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Good point Stan! Will test it out.

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A great first post! I like it as is, Alex. I just wish the dog were looking to the left, into the image. It might actually have more long-term impact without the dog, as including it makes the image ever-so-slightly cutesy, although that's putting it a bit harshly. ;-)

I might have been tempted to do something like this, cropping off left and bottom:

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HI Chris! . It actually, looks alright although a bit empty without the dog to my taste, But on the other hand now it's more about the sunset and nature then before!. And the new crop makes thee rest of the magic.

Thank you for your feedback!

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I would prefer more sky bringing down the horizon below the centre of the photo. Otherwise I like it.

This is dramatic and minimalistic. A great candidate for a wall.