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Campbell's Covered Bridge

Built in 1909, this is the last covered bridge in South Carolina. Thankfully, this bridge was saved as a historical landmark and restored to allow foot traffic.

As always, any CC is greatly appreciated! What would you change?

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Adrian Geronimo's picture

I would go back there at night, provided there are no street lights around the area, and bring lights big enough to do light painting. And just put all the focus on the shed, maybe some on the road and surrounding as well just for context, not much. Have someone watch your back while you’re there too.

Mark Guinn's picture

I'd love to do a night shot of this! Maybe with a small lantern inside to create a "glow." Unfortunately, they lock it up at dusk. I plan to go back later in the day to catch that sunset shot at least, and hopefully it will be dark enough to light the inside.

David Perman's picture

I think this looks great. I may look even nicer in the fall.

Mark Guinn's picture

Thank you! I'm definitely planning to return here when the leaves start to change. Luckily, this isn't too far of a drive for me so I'll be able to make a few photo trips.

Jeremy Martignago's picture

I agree with David, I think in autumn it would be amazing

Mark Guinn's picture

Thanks! Autumn is unbelievable up there, so I can't wait to get a shot of this with all of the fall colors.

Brian G's picture

I think this is beautiful. Well done! There is nothing touristy about this shot. It is an image of something that is unique and fairly rare in our country if you don't live in the Northeast. Touristy is the same shot of the same monument, peak, or location right off the main tourist trail in the national park. This is out of the way, off the beaten path, and an homage of time gone by. Autumn would be spectacular.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Touristy or not, I like the first image, Mark. It's a well balanced composition, which leads the eye along the road and beyond the bridge. If I were being "arty" rather than documenting, I'd be tempted to try an unsaturated version, aiming for an appearance a bit like a drawing. This would be as a separate version, not a replacement for yours.

Mark Guinn's picture

Thanks for the idea, Chris! I know what I'm going to be doing tonight!

John Pettigrew's picture

Nicely captured, i think i prefer the second image

Sue G's picture

Very peaceful

Brian G's picture

Did somebody get blocked or just accept that his comments were off base and went away:)

Mark Guinn's picture

Honestly, not sure what happened to our friend. lol!

EL PIC's picture

How do you block someone on this site ?
I got a few weirdos.

Brian G's picture

LOL. No idea. I like weirdos. Send them my way:)