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Koichi Kimura's picture

Windmill hill

Gentle wind and warm air turn the propeller.

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Mike Young's picture

I like almost everything about this image, the one thing I would consider changing is removing the small tower object to the left of the windmill (from the viewer 's position). It distracts from the flow as you move to the windmill. When it is just the windmill 'windmill hill' is more congruent. The detail, layers front to back and contrast of green split to blue all enhance the experience. Nice shot wel composed.

Koichi Kimura's picture

Thank you. It will be a reference for my future photography.

Phillip Breske's picture

Really nice.

My ONLY complaint is the relative position of the sun and the "face" of the windmill. Most people agree that the subject of a photo should be facing into the image. Even an inanimate object can have a face, but when that face is difficult to distinguish, it can sometimes be described by the way the sun falls upon it. In this case, the sun is hitting the right side of the windmill and that, to me, is the side that should point into the image instead of out of it.

However, some people might argue that the face of this windmill is the left side, because that's the side that extends away from the turbine motor and tower and because the front of the blades are facing towards the camera on this side. So there's that. (As it turns out, the blades are actually on the leeward side of the machine, so this really is the back of the windmill, but I doubt most people know this.)

It's still a beautiful image.

Koichi Kimura's picture

Thank you. I would like to refer to it.

Well done. I like the flow of the picture up and to the windmill (back/front...whichever). The extra tower is a little distracting but then its up to you as to your goal: realistic portrayal (leave it or maybe de-emphasize it) or artistic image (crop it out).

My personal option is that many of today's images have the saturation turned up too much. If this was the true saturation, wow, great work. If you added some, my personal taste is to turn it back down a small bit.

Koichi Kimura's picture

Your opinions helped me improve my photographic technique. Thank you.

David Perman's picture

The light on top of the hills looks amazing.

Koichi Kimura's picture

Thank you. I'm glad.

Chad Wanstreet's picture

Great photo. I really love the road as a leading line up to the windmill. You may want to double check the horizon line or your image... it seems to be leaning a little to the screen right, and perhaps undistort from the lens. Other than those some things I think this is great.

Koichi Kimura's picture

Certainly, the horizon is not straight. I prioritized the vertical line of the windmill. I think there is room for revision. Thank you.

Tashi Namgyal's picture

very natural shot...