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Sunset Glow on Lake, Like Sweet-Flowing Nectar

A handheld, in-camera, horizontal ICM of a beautiful sunset reflecting on the water of a nearby lake.

I hand held the camera vertically and panned horizontally from right to left quickly for this image.
I composed the shot with just a bare minimum of the sky above the horizon line (the darkest area at the top) because the sun was still fully above the horizon, but reflecting brilliantly on the water of the lake.

So the majority of this frame is of the sun reflecting on the water, and the lines are created by the ripples on the lake, as well as the wakes from a few passing speed boats.

As mentioned above, this is a hand held ICM, single frame, no filters. Technical details are as follows:

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon f/4L 70-200mm
ISO 100
Minimally processed in Lightroom and finished in Photoshop

Thoughts, comments, and feedback always welcome.

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Chris Jablonski's picture

You did well to keep it all so straight hand-held, Stephanie! Nice work. I'm generally no fan of ICM per se, but as an abstract seascape that could be a painting, your image appeals a lot. I like your high horizon. I can't think of anything I'd change about the image.

I note your portfolio contains a number of fine ICM images. Look forward to seeing more from you. :-)

Stephanie Johnson (StephJohnPhoto)'s picture

Thanks so much, Chris! I appreciate you having a look and for your kind words. 😊 I've done loads of ICMs and that has helped me hone the technique to be able to shoot straight lines. I never use a tripod. 😊

Rob Freeman's picture

Beautiful work. I have never tried ICM but I really like your portfolio.

Stephanie Johnson (StephJohnPhoto)'s picture

Thank you, Rob, for taking time to view my portfolio and your kind words. So glad you enjoyed my ICMs. 😊

Dalida Innes's picture

its really nice, I have never try ICM, maybe I should.

Stephanie Johnson (StephJohnPhoto)'s picture

Thanks, Dalida. I appreciate that. Yes, it is definitely worth giving ICM a go sometime. 😊

U managed to keep it really straight. very nice end result and the framing gives depth. Never tried ICM, but seeing this. its worth a shot

Stephanie Johnson (StephJohnPhoto)'s picture

Thank you, Tarek. I appreciate your kind words. Ive taken thousands of ICM frames, so I've been able to develop of technique that works well for me to keep the lines straight while hand-holding my ICMs. You definitely should give ICM a go. The options and results are virtually endless for what you can do with it.