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Looking for Opinions

So, I just got back from a photography trip where I traveled up the coast of California, from Long Beach to Santa Cruz. I just wanted to get out and spend some time focusing on shooting. This is one of the images I got from Pffifer Beach at sunset, and I'm curious on opinions. I have some thoughts, but I don't want to sway people's opinions. Hit me with the raw honesty.

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Mike Young's picture

I wonder if you took the shot late enough, the sun does blow out a lot of the image but you may have struggled later as the rocks may have become mostly silhouetted. I assume the portrait orientation was to catch the moon which sits nicely in the frame.

Broken Canon Art & Photography's picture

Defiantly washed out. I suppose a graduated ND filter could have lessen this image and given it more of a dramatic effect. Either the ND filter or Polarization filter. Also, If one is given enough time, I would have set up shop in that location and taken several shots over those many hours. As Mike said, I believe if the sun was a little lower on the horizon, it would have highlighted the jagged rock face and retained the dark sky with the crescent moon.

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You must have had an idea what this was supposed to show, but it's not obvious to me. Maybe I'm slow today. If it's the Moon, I'd say it's too tiny for the rest of the image. (Need a telephoto lens...) I'm not so concerned about some of the image being blown out buy the Sun, that's acceptable artistic license assuming you did it on purpose.

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So, I agree with everyone. I wasn't sure if I was being to hard/picky on the shot. I was going for the crescent shape of the rocks and the crescent moon, but once I got home to see the shot the moon was too small, and the sun was washing out the right side. Thanks all

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I think it works if you crop halfway up the cliff. You still get a minimal landscape and the eyes know where to look.

I think this may be a case of trying to get everything into the shot. I think this beautiful image would be improved by cropping out the water, and bringing the bottom up just above the dark part of the rocks. I would also horizontally center the moon perfectly. The bottom right is a bit blown out, but in general I really like the exposure for this image.