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Castle above the Clouds

Civita di Bagnoregio is a really famous borgo in the center of Italy that is also called "La città che Muore" wich means the city that die and they add this title becouse of the mouldering basement wich is gonna to fall dawn...
Moving away from his sad and interesting story is a perfect spot for sunrise becouse sometimes you have the chance to get fog,low hanging cloud and epic light...

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Awesome capture! I was just in Italy and and I already missing it!

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Love the shot, it's an awesome capture. One thing I might do with this is crop out some of the bottom, maybe just below that area where the mist makes a V shape. The image feels a little bottom heave, and that might help. I know there's a road leading into it, but it's lost in the mist.

I trimmed the image to a 16x9 ratio, and then used a couple curves layers to bring out the highlights and deepen the shadows.

All in all, its a great shot

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Love this and the edit is perfect! NICE WORK!