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Mark Seawell's picture

As the storm came

A truly marvelous light show over Antelope Island last night! The entire day had been moody as a storm front passed through and me trapped at work. But the weather persisted as my wife and I drove to the action. Finally, as we were about to go, we made one more stop and I was rewarded with this flash of brilliance...as the storm came.

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Dennis Mac Caskie's picture

I'd crop out the left side, it's not adding anything and it would move the center of interest off the center of the image. Otherwise very nice. Where's Antelope Island?

Mark Seawell's picture

About an hour north of Salt Lake City.

Chris Jablonski's picture

It is a fine, dramatic image, Mark. I'm inclined to agree with Dennis. Hard to frame up with lightning!

Mark Seawell's picture

Thanks Chris! I don't ever do lightning...but it was EVERYWHERE that night...what a show.

Shawn Mahan's picture

You are quite brave to stand outside in a lightening storm! Great shot!

Mark Seawell's picture

Uh believe me...I'm not that guy. It got close and my spider senses started to tingle..time to go.

joseph cole's picture

Fantastic moment you captured Mark!! The composition is a little lacking for a print, did you happen to take an exposure for the foreground to blend so there is not so much negative space?

Mark Seawell's picture

One shot, one kill. No time for blending