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Took this in Washington and tried editing it with the feeling of 300 cinematography, does it create any emotional feelings for any of you?

I love editing photos and want to practice making pictures look cinematic, please share with me any feedback you have. I love constructive criticism!

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Rémi Carbonaro's picture

I have no problem with the editing itself, however the composition doesn't feel balanced. I get that you wanted to give the lion's share to the clouds but there's so little land in your picture that it almost feels like you didn't quite manage to get it out. If you wanted to crop it out, I think the issue would be that there isn't all that much going on in the clouds. The editing itself is fine, the scene, however, doesn't seem to be interesting enough as is.

Personally, I would have given around a third of the composition to the land, to help balance it more. It would give you guiding lines (providing the bottom of the cliffs is as "pure" as the top) and it would give shape and meaning to the clouds.

Mac Cam's picture

Thanks Rémi for the feedback, I can see your point of view, this was the full pic uncropped and this was sadly all of the land I had to work with so what I tried to do was make the land oppositely symmetrical with the upper right cloud. I will take that into consideration though for the next time 😊