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Shawn Mahan's picture

Clouds over East Pond - Maine

We took a boat ride out onto East Pond between the rain clouds and were treated to some spectacular skies. The wind was crazy, so trying to get good pictures while hand holding the camera in a boat was challenging! I love big dynamic skies and I think I was able to capture some neat shots. Feedback always welcome.

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Ralph Rackstraw's picture

Good shots Shawn.
Unfortunately only photo 2 starts to convey to me what you were looking for. Most of the others have too much other stuff, or a lack of subject to complement the sky.

Shawn Mahan's picture

Thanks Ralph. I think it would have helped to have a calm lake to pick up some cloud reflections.

Ralph Rackstraw's picture

I find capturing clouds difficult without a subject A boat could have added some context; good weather=what fun on a boat, bad weather=my gosh will the boat be ok.

It’s challenging to capture good photos in this type of light. Very harsh. Photo 2 has a nice composition, though I do agree that it needs a more defined subject.

Overall I’m sure it was a nice time out on the boat!

Sue G's picture

They are more snapshots and recording than excitment

Mike Young's picture

Hey Shawn, For me, Each shot has pretty much a centre line, which is balanced but feels like an average as opposed to pushing the emphasis on your subject or what you are trying to convey.

Shawn Mahan's picture

Thanks Mike. I think I should have switched off to my tele. I wanted the wide angle to stretch the sky out, but it left too much of the bad water from the lake in the picture.