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shades of the arctic

While the light wasn't very good that morning on the Lofoten islands, i took advantage and exercised my compositional skills. After finding some satisfying comps, the arctic also worked its magic and threw some color into the scene...Happy, happy, joy, joy :)

Blend of 2 exposures to preserve the details in the highlights.

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Cool shot

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Another great image from you, Kevin! Very beautiful. The soft colours are gorgeous, and complement the starkness of black rock and snow. I'm glad you kept the sky's tonal values looking realistic. Often people end up with reflections of the sky being brighter than the sky itself with grad filters or "post". You keep things looking real to me, so I want to be there, rather than finding myself thinking about the dramatic processing, as often happens. Keep it up!

Kevin Teerlynck's picture

Huge thanks for those words Chris. Very much appreciated. I always try to keep things balanced out as much as possible, but off course with my own creative touch and view on the scene ;)