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Converted this shot to B&W

It changes the character quite a lot, but I kind of like it. In color of course it is , well colorful, mainly blues, and some green from the trees in the distance. But by converting to B&W and adding some grain, it becomes more transcendent than scenic.

This was shot using a Fujifilm XT-2; Fujinon 18-55mm zoom.

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Mike Young's picture

It feels like you could have opted out of using the grain and tweaked the tones, the rocks on the left look like candidates for changing the black and whites. Nice composition, for me, not sure about the grain. And a wee bit jealous of the person going out on the water...

Mark Wyatt's picture

Thanks, Mike. I do not often add grain, and as I mentioned to Peter below, I will take a second look at that.

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Hi Mark, I really like your work both the color and b/w. I was brought up on b/w film and so can appreciate its finesse and charm.
I was wondering how you produce your b/w shots - do you shoot in color and then convert ? How do you convert your images from color to b/w ? What software do you use ?This can make a big difference in the way your shots look. I agree with Mike, I would not use the grain. Good work, keep at it. I would really like to hear your answers if you have time. Regards, Peter

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HI Peter- much of what I posted on this site is taken with actual film, color and black and white. Thanks for the comments. I will take a look at removing the grain in this shot. This shot was processed using ON1.

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Hello Mark, thank you for your reply. The reason for my questions was that a lot of photographers use in camera conversion of digital color or desaturation in software to get the b/w. That often does not always give you the best results. There are at least 4 conversion methods in photoshop for instance.
I love b/w film
I live in the remote upper east coast of Tasmania, Aust., but spent many months in Houston working. I love the place

Regards, Peter

Mark Wyatt's picture

Sounds like an interesting place to live. I'll have to come and check out your pictures. The closest I got was the tip of South Australia (near McClaren Vale) looking out at Kangaroo island. I do get to Houston occasionally. I live in southern California.