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Taken over the weekend, the forecast wasnt favourable with clear sky until after sunset with high clouds approaching inland.
Figured we take a chance and hope streaks of clouds would approach inland before the expected forecast.
Hope you like it

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Chris Jablonski's picture

It's an appealing image, Danny, with many beautiful and striking elements in a good composition. The backlighting makes the foreground and the pinnacles themselves a bit dark, so the boulders' contours and that gorgeous green moss are a little understated for my taste (and I like understatement!). Of course, you may want the darker, brooding feel.

I'd have been tempted to brighten them, a bit like this:

Danny Tan's picture

thanks mate! Much appreciated! Noticed you are based in Melbourne too!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Yes, I was wondering where some of your exotic locations are, Danny - until I looked up your portfolio and realised that some, like this, are in my own back yard! I'll have to go back to PI some day. Shot a million sunrises behind Pyramid Rock (Feb & Nov) from the cliff above the penguin parade. Back in Kodachrome days.

Christopher Suchocki's picture

Beautiful shot, I really dig the foreground elements. I just wish the mountains were in focus. Ever consider focus stacking?

Marcia Jolley's picture

Nice shot! Great composition! I agree with Chris in brightening the foreground.