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Sometimes, bad can be so good..

I am dutch. But.. I don’t like windmills and tulips that much. Everyone is shooting that stuff, and it kind of bores me. My goal is to shoot mainly the local national parks surrounding my little hometown. Because: there is soo much nice stuff in our own neighbourhood. Also in yours. Just explore, and u will find amazing compositions.
So i saw on google maps that a big locally wellknown lake had a little lake next to it, just one km down the road. So i got up early, took my dog there for a walk. And behold: i found the lake, but the crazy drought here had drained the lake almost entirely. So dry there are plants growing, and moss.. on this particular morning i noticed the dried up lake and it looked amazing..! Also, it was the first night that temperarures had dropped below zero, so the moss had ice on it as well. Creating beautiful textures and i found sone great compositions.
And: The dog loved running around there too..

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Mike Young's picture

It's a little like the Japanese moss gardens. It may have been cleaner without the tuft of grass in shot two. I may also have lightened it to show the richer tones of green.

Erick Van Rijswick's picture

Thanx for the tip mike. 👍🏼

Hajnalka Berényi-Kiss's picture

Hi Erick, dat is echt een top fotolocatie :) I agre with Mike, I would have shot the second image without the grass. Perhaps a different angle from above would be a little better and to isolate those amazing tiles!