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Some photos I got on the black beaches of Iceland about a month ago.

I need to edit these a little more on my desktop since these were all done on my not so great laptop but pretty happy with how they look so far (Going to leave a few the way they are I think). The one with the wave crashing into the ice seems underexposed to me. Any ideas/tips to further better these shots are certainly welcome!

Shot on a pentax k50 and 16-85 lens

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These are great. I especially love the composition of the 2nd photo how the edge between water and sand cut a diagonal across the frame with the crystalized ice. The wave crashing is really cool. One suggestion is that it seems like it could use a bump in contrast compared to the other posted shots. All great though. Probably an awesome trip!

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Thanks! The second one is my favourite too. I agree, the wave crashing one still needs some work for sure.

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I agree the wave crashing photo is a little dark, but there is a great photo in there, waiting to be brought out with a little work.

I love the simplicity and contrast of the first three, but the subjects are a little too centered for me. I would like to see those in vertical crops with a wider angle lens if you made any like that.

The horizon may be a little rotated in 4 and 5, but only slightly.

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I actually like that they're centered personally but I get what you're saying. I'll play around with the crops and see how they look. Thanks for the suggestions!

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What I meant to say was that I'd like to see a little more of the vast, empty ocean in the background, but I look forward to seeing what else you've got if you care to share.

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All the images definitely have a fine art feel. Whether that is what you were going for or not.