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Kevin Teerlynck's picture

Windmill & Wildflowers

On this summer evening our main plan was to shoot the night sky, but off course my photo buddy and i didn’t want to miss out on the sunset either. Rushed by the clock we went to this isolated windmill just in time to see the sun set. At first there weren’t any strong compositions to be found until my eye spotted these magnificent purple wildflowers!

This result is a focus blend of 2 images and a 3rd one to expose for the sky highlights.

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EL PIC's picture

Kool Windmill

Kevin Teerlynck's picture

hehe, thanks. they definitely make good subjects :)

Kevin Teerlynck's picture

hehe, thanks. they definitely make good subjects :)

Przemek Lodej's picture

Great shot. Love the colors and light.

Kevin Teerlynck's picture

Many thanks. Happy you like it. This shot was actually a little unplanned, but turned out fine after all :)

Peter Scholz's picture

Cool shot in the golden hour!

Kevin Teerlynck's picture

thanks a lot Peter!

Hi Kevin, I think there's a bit too much dead space between the flowers and the windmill, you should have been lower to the ground so that the flowers are clearly pointing at the windmill. Too much dodging on the flowers too, they don't need to be this bright, there's a lot of haloing on the top of the flowers. Once you find the balance it'll be a really nice shot.

Vincent Bornbaum's picture

Nice image. Especially the colours are great. Maybe it would be even better if the angle was a bit lower and the floweres were a little blurred and/or a bit darked so that there is one main subject :)