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Adrian Szatewicz's picture

For such amazing conditions I was waiting since last autumn.

Autumn is light, fogs, colours, combination of cold and warm tones, amazingly changing conditions, dynamic weather... All of these I finally was able to observe and shoot yesterday. I had free morning so I went to the nearest known location with nice view over rural areas of Trondheim near Bosberg, Norway.
I had like an hour of great light, almost mystical experience, here two chosen shots of landscapes I had pleasure to see.
Have a good day!

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Broken Canon Art & Photography's picture

Because you have several elements within one shot, you could have used a better lens and focuses on each element. One in fact would be the second image (glowing trees) the fog in the back ground detracts from this element. Then in the first image the farm barn/house would have been another element to zoom in or focus on.. again this boils down to have the wrong lens of just not locating a particular element or subject at that time.

Marcia Jolley's picture

Broken Photography makes good suggestions on focusing on one subject, but I like your versions as well, especially photo #1. There is a lot going on, but I feel the emotions you were experiencing.

Broken Canon Art & Photography's picture

Thank you Marcia for the likes on the "other" site. Glad you found me.

I'll take number one as original. Love the contrasting light moving through the image.

Michael Rasmussen's picture

I love image #1
And I did not see what Broken Photography mention, but it makes perfect sense, so thank you for sharing your image and thanks to Broken Photography for your insight!