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Fabrice Petruzzi's picture

What do you think about it ?

Hello, this is my last shot made this morning at the sunrise. The autumn start, and it will be a great season to catch colors. What do you think about this picture ? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Marcia Jolley's picture

Nice shot! I like the sun just starting to hit the foreground trees. Then my eye follows the river straight to the sunrise.

Fabrice Petruzzi's picture

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, it was ma goal to use it like a leading line 😉

Ruth Carll's picture

I think it is beautiful!

Christopher Suchocki's picture

Beautiful scenery, if you have regular access to this area you are so lucky! I like the trees in the foreground but am not a fan of placing the river dead center, or the rather flat mountain on the left. It would be interesting to see this composition shifted slightly to the right in my opinion. Regardless, it is a great photograph.

Fabrice Petruzzi's picture

Hi Christopher, thanks for the feedback. In fact it was hard choice. I choose to place it in the middle other wise the foreground was too fare with a wide angle or the sky too mutch present if I place the tree at the same positon. I searched composition for hours... But my Lionel Fellay (who is on fstoppers to) made a panorama to get all the mountains in the frame. And for the last thing, yes Im lucky, this spot is only 2hours of car from my home 😅 I will go back for sure.

Kjell Vikestad's picture

Its a nice shoot of a beautiful scenery. I especially like the depth of the picture. Its almost like its possible to crawl into the picture. I also like the composition and the colours. Great photo.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Beautiful image, Fabrice! Very subtle, when it would be easy to over-dramatise it. I'm a bit torn about Christopher's comment - it might be good if the river were less centred, but that might compromise other aspects. Perhaps I'd brighten that left slope, but this might detract from the sky's glow.

Fabrice Petruzzi's picture

Thanks Chris for your feedback. I answer to Christopher about the hard choice for the composition. This is why I centered the mountain and the path. Let see what I will do when I will go back 😉

Nick Spark's picture

What a beautiful scenario. I like the morning fresh air while doing yoga. That's when my mind thinks about pleasure in my essay writing services.

Love this shot! Personally, I like the river in the middle. It kind of leads my eye back to the snow-covered mountain in the back.

Fabrice Petruzzi's picture

Thanks Tim, it was the goal. So happy to ear it and that's working.

Mike Young's picture

Worthy of the F/64 group, a really great shot. Thanks for sharing.

Fabrice Petruzzi's picture

Thanks Mike, dont hesitate to follow me ;)

Andrew McKenzie's picture

I love it and I love the composition!

martin doran's picture

Lovely composition , leading lines with the river , a beautiful mountain covered in snow draws my eyes and lovely color around , Fantastic shot , I think im out of my league on this website :(

Oh FYI this is my first reply on the site , just joined

Chris Jablonski's picture

Hi Martin! There are people with all levels of experience who post, and those with less are treated with respect and consideration in my experience.So welcome aboard. I like FS because of its friendly, mutually supportive nature, & I hope you're not intimidated from posting anything. Your portfolio is well "in the league". Many of us refrain from CC on portfolios, unless it's explicitly sought, so if you want it, post in a Group.

Above all, have fun here. I do.

Ruth Carll's picture

Chris is right Martin - Jump in! I can't help nut pitch the group Minimalism, Abstract, Experimental too. We are always trying new things so no one is the expert there! Welcome!

Fabrice Petruzzi's picture

Thanks Martin ;) And welcome to FStoppers. There is a lot of talented photographers on this web site. It help to inspire and to get the will to be better.

Dora Artemiadi's picture

Very beautiful picture! Great leading lines and great colors. What I like the most is the foreground. I love the fact that the foreground is full of detail and colors and still its tone is exactly as it should be compare to the bright sky

Fabrice Petruzzi's picture

Thanks Dora, morning shot provide always good details. The atmosphere is more clear that the sunset.