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Ruth Carll's picture

Inspired by Denis Smajic's Question...

.... I like to think that, instead of man putting up this fence, mother nature did while saying "You will stop here".

Just for fun. This is a photo for a 50/50 challenge on another site. :)

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Mike Young's picture

she also planted the greenery in neat rows ;o)

Kevin McLin's picture

Mother Nature might have said that 20 or 30 years ago. Now she is saying, "You will stop a mile inland from here." In another 50 or 100 years she will be saying, "You will stop ten miles inland from here." ;-)

Anyway, nice photo, Ruth.

Alan Brown's picture

Interesting image - I like the graphical divisions of space.

Where was the 50/50 challenge? I'd like to check that out.

Ruth Carll's picture

It is an upcoming one on GuruShots that I'll be hosting. This will be the header. They are in the lineup for a awhile before starting. I'll let you know when it starts I have one starting 10/22 at 11:59am called Hobbies. This is the header for that one.

Alan Brown's picture

Hmmm.... just logged into Guru Shots (actually remembered my old account....). I'll have to check it out as I haven't really used it.