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Ruth Carll's picture

Up or Down?

That is the question! It is almost never this still this close to the ocean so I've never had the chance to do a real reflection shot. Now - which is it?

Feedback welcome!

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David Perman's picture

I can tell it's upside down.

Mike Young's picture

Like the shot, would be interesting to see it 90 degree rotated to portrait and cropped to look almost tree like and let the viewer deduce the original subject.

Definitely upside down - the house is set back from the edge and does not reflect, therefore it should be above.

Ruth Carll's picture

Funny you should say this. I posted something like this in the group Minimalism, Abstract, Experimental. :)

Ralph Rackstraw's picture

Hi Ruth - it is upside down. Well I hope it is. ;o)

Arthur Morgan's picture

Yes. Perhaps no.

Alan Brown's picture

Difficult to say, but if I had to guess I'd say it's right side up. You couldn't ask for a more perfect reflection.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Tease! Unless you've changed brightness above & below the trees, it must be upside down I think, Ruth, as a reflection can't be brighter than the source. (A common niggle with ND grads in landscapes.) There are perspective differences between water reflections and what they're reflecting e.g. a reflection can show the underside of a jetty, but these are minimal with this subject.