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Peaceful early morning in the valley

Hello all, it's been a very long time since I've visited the site or shared anything - hoping to get back in the groove. So many beautiful photos here :-)
Here is a shot I took that I personally am very pleased with, even though it is not a winner on social media or an epic scene. Just some soft morning light and rays over the valley in Yosemite. The soft light rays seemed to shine right onto the chapel, and then a bird flew through the frame at just the right moment. Good times.
I can't remember if it's better to share images here as original full size, or resized smaller for web such as I would do on Facebook and the likes...hmm. Hopefully this smaller resolution works.
Always appreciate CC and feedback. Cheers!

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You got some great light here, and to me it's all about the bird and the chapel, so I'd simply remove the rest, maybe in a square crop. Those branches on the upper left corner impede on the sense of space and freedom I feel like we should get from the bird and sunrays.

Nick Wiltgen's picture

Thanks! Appreciate your feedback and taking the time to show me a different cropped version. I am a sucker for branches and foliage trying to frame scenes, but in this case I can see how they impede, and aren't actually framing anything lol.

Griffin Barnett's picture

I agree generally with Nick B here, although with his crop I feel like it gets too tight with the church on the edge of the frame - I might keep in more of the right side of the frame to give the church a bit more space. I also like the tall tree to the right of the church as well. Overall though really nice job capturing this light and this moment!

Nick Wiltgen's picture

Thanks Griffin! Appreciate the thoughtful feedback here.

Alan Brown's picture

I think you have captured a wonderful mood here - the light streaming through and highlighting the church and grass is so atmospheric.
I think the bird is key yo the image and really helps tell the story.

I do think the image could be better balanced to suit my own taste. The dark tones on the left make it pretty heavy on that end and I find the contrast between the dark leaves framing the image and the light rays drawing my eye away from the church.

I think Nick's crop does go some way to address that, and also agree with Griffin's input. I think the tree to the right helps anchor the scene at that end and provides balance with the left.

Here's another suggestion for a crop for you to use as comparison. As always, you should go with what fits best for your own taste and vision for the scene.

I'd pay little attention to what others feel, especially so on social media. The real meaning in the mage is what it means to you and the story you wish to convey.

I personally think this is a wonderful image, and it s refreshing to see restraint from over-saturation/editing we so often see.

Looking forward to seeing more.......

Andrew Williams's picture

I like this crop best.

Nick Wiltgen's picture

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback! another reason I have been missing stoppers :) Really like the crop you made here!

Christopher Suchocki's picture

No crop for me, I like the composition just the way it is. Fantastic shot, getting the bird must have taken some patience or at least some luck!

Nick Wiltgen's picture

Thanks! I appreciate it. Totally luck. I was just walking around the valley taking snapshots, noticed the chapel and light rays, tried some different comps, bird randomly flew by. Good times!

Joe Svelnys's picture

Really great shot... Though I can see what the others are saying about the crop, I actually like the original crop the best. The top of the tall tree on the right is square to the corner, and the foreground tree helps give depth to the scene. The rays and bird are a wonderful capture.

Thomas Prechtl's picture

In my point of view is no crop necessary. The leafes in the left upper corner give the pic more depth.
Beautyful moody shot.

Nick Wiltgen's picture

Thank you! I am a sucker for "foliage framing", or using trees/bushes to try to add some sort of depth or frame to an image. That was my intent here, but as a whole, it doesn't really frame anything and I definitely enjoy the crops people have presented :) Appreciate your feedback!