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Could use a foggy critique

Both images were taken from the same location on a foggy morning. I think the fog makes for a cool shot, however, there's still some substance missing here and I'd like to find the good and bad in each of these. Any advice is helpful!

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Ray Zee's picture

The scenery you have here is amazing. I'd try to focus on the interesting elements more and eliminate things like, much of sky, tree branches. If you have a chance, try exploring the scene more. For example, get closer to the bank and the tree so the sun is off the frame, making the the rays pouring through the tree more clear.

Josh Sanders's picture

Great shots! I particularly like the first one. If you're looking for critique, I think both compositions work (maybe the first more than the second), but aren't super strong.

On the first one, maybe a vertical crop would create a stronger subject, though you might lose some of the nice leading line of the stream. It's hard to say without being there, but if you were reshooting I might move forward a bit to get closer to the first main tree to eliminate a little bit of the foreground, and maybe move closer to the bank of the stream.

On the second, I think the tree on the left could use a bit more breathing room, and the structure on the right gets cut off at an awkward place--I'd like to see either more or less. I think there's a lot of unused space at the bottom right that doesn't add a lot to the image.

Like I said though, great work and beautiful shots!

Chris Jablonski's picture

You've pretty much said it for me, Josh, about these images.(including the fact that we don't know what was possible at the time).

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Thank you for the feedback! Never know when a spot like this will pop up again, so I'd like to make sure to capture as best as possible next time. I might try, especially, capturing more empty space and cropping it down when editing to provide more flexibility.

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Fab shot. Love the mood and tonality. I would crop in a little and/or clone out the things top left and right. Top shot.

Broken Canon Art & Photography's picture

Convert these to black and white as your images have lost nearly all there colors due to the heavy fog. You would have better luck with a B&W conversion and scale back on the contrast but increase the shadows and sharpness.

Will Britt's picture

I took this and ran with it. For some reason I've always held back on converting anything to B+W for some reason. But I am extremely happy with this one. Playing around with it some more, but I think this what was actually missing in these shots to me.