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Morning stroll in the park

Went to the park this morning and shot, so I believe, some pretty nice autumn pictures.
Since I'm quite inexperienced in landscape/nature photography, I'm looking forward for all critiques that you're willing to throw at me !

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Joe Svelnys's picture

That is very similar to how I take a lot of my photos; out on hikes at local parks. We may never get the fame of those that take giant vistas of well known locations that are shot a thousand times a day, but our shots are more unique and in the moment playing with not only subject but also light, depth and bokeh; not to say, we will never get those (sometimes overrated) grandeur shots if given the opportunity.

My critique would be.. Since it is Autumn, I'd warm the images up a little. These look color corrected perfectly, around 5000k? What would they look like brought down to 4500, 4200, or even 3500? This may remove your blue sky but stack the two images (original and the warm) and paint back in the sky to blue.

Also, you could play around with making a Dodge and Burn layer (in your program of choice) and paint in highlights and/or shadows where needed. This can add even more dramatic feel and mood; go light handed though.

Going by your images you're like me and try to keep the images as natural as possible. Just my 2 cents, as I said I shoot a lot of this style as well.

Thank you !

I think you're right that they should be a little warmer. I'm not quite proficient with dodge and burn, might try that later.

Here's my 2nd attempt ...

Joe Svelnys's picture

Very nice. That forest shot really pops being just that pinch bit warmer; and the others feel like they were taken just after golden hour. I like it.

The important question though, so how do you feel about the changes? I always suggest staying true to yourself and style. Art is always individual and subjective. :)

Thanks !

I thought that something was missing in the originals, I just didn't know what to change. I like the edited ones a lot better.

thanks again for the hint !