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Fall foliage - critique welcome

Hi fellows, with bad weather and lots of things to do in the garden, I haven't had time to go and explore any forest for some autumn colors. I decided to go for Saint Gobain, a forest in the North of France with mostly oaks and beech trees. It was rainy and misty, which was good. This shot was taken when the sun decided to do its thing and give me great diffuse light through the fog, about 45 min after sunrise. I was in awe, but the raw file really looked like garbage. So I worked towards making it look like what I felt, I hope it's successful and not overdone.

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Chris Jablonski's picture

A fine image, Nick! Your work yielded results. I think you've conveyed what you describe. There's simply a glow about the whole image, as if it is radiating light, and I like the composition, with that alley off-centre and a few key trunks anchoring the scene. I can't think of anything I'd change. One of your best!

Alan Brown's picture

Hi Nick, I am in general agreement with Chris on this one. I like that you have restrained from the temptation to push the saturation - your scene looks natural as well as atmospheric.
I find that so many of my personal favorites were shot when the weather was pretty bad, where scenes become more moody.

I can agree with the RAW file comment, but remember that this is simply a capture of the data and cannot be thought to displays what was seen through the viewfinder.

Great work, definitely one I'd be proud to hang.

Thanks guys, it feels good having been able to convey the feeling I was looking for. Indeed I didn't want to push the saturation too far, touch of this, touch of that, I went back and forth until I thought it was just as I experienced it.

Ralph Rackstraw's picture

Hi Nick it is a fantastic photo. Can I add my 2c. I'm not keen on how none of the trees are vertical. Here is my correction feel free to ignore.

Thanks. There's a path in the middle so the trees are all leaning towards that path to get more light. The one on the right definitely wasn't vertical and was naturally leaning to the left.

Adrian Bateman's picture

Yours looked more natural Nick, I dont see the relevance in straightening one or two trees

Alan Brown's picture

Agreed, I prefer the original, natural look.