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Do I photoshop or not?

As you can see that grass comes in the way in the forefront. These bears were just 20 feet away and you are allowed very few movements and so no chance to cut that grass weed before shooting.

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Joe Svelnys's picture

I actually do not mind the foreground grass, it adds depth. The little bit right in front of them dose not bother me at all, and the two very close to the lens helps frames. The only suggestion I could make, as it is a great image, would be to make it ever so much of a pinch warmer for a color tone; not a lot, just a pinch.

Is this the full frame of the image or a crop? If you cropped in, you could play with the crop a little. If this is the full frame of the shot, you could still, a little, but not too much. This is a tougher call. I like the evergreen in the top right, and the open water.

If this is straight from camera, I'd be really happy with this image. Sometimes you don't want to touch too much.

My opinion may differ from the majority though.

Sridhar Chilimuri's picture

thank you very much for your comments. It is full frame uncropped. I am going to try all of your suggestions and see how they look. I took multiple shots but the difference would be the head position of the second cub - second cub actually stared at the camera.

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I should also say... You are very brave being that close to a mother bear and her two cubes. Not sure I could do it... I'd hide far away using the old telephoto lens.. heh.

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Hmm. Normally, I would say this shot is ruined by the foreground grasses, but if you can edit them out and make it look natural, then go for it.

For those that say the grass doesn't bother them, I would ask if they would think the shot were just as strong if the grass were added in post. If you think it's fine both ways, then your argument is valid. But if you wouldn't dare add the grass after the fact, then you have to admit that the grass detracts from the overall photo.

As always, "if it doesn't add to the photo, it detracts from it."

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

--'As always, "if it doesn't add to the photo, it detracts from it."'

Obvious watermarks are a perfect example of that. :P

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Since this is directed at my comment I will respond.

I don't see it as black and white as you do I guess. In wildlife you don't necessarily need a completely cleansed/sterile scene for it to look pleasing to the eye.

A building with a pole or orange cone in the way, wires, I agree completely, remove or reframe if you can; if they are unwanted.

I stand by my comment. I feel the grass dosen't take away from the image at all; it may even add... If I were sitting on the ground and watching these Bears, the grass would be there. In this case the grass could also add more story.

Just my preference and opinion when it comes to wildlife photos. Just as it is your preference to remove such items. it's all good. No ones "write" or "wrong", its all subjective. :)

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Just to add that this is at bear cave mountain. It is one of the few places where a grizzly mom with cubs will come as close as a few feet without you being threatened. But the ground rules are clear and strict - no sudden movements, you must be sitting down. She will move around at random and if your camera is down it stays down and if it is up it is up. She rarely sits at that particular area and when she does you can get that shot. There are grass weeds all over - this is the clearest shot u can get without moving from where u can sit. you can get other clear shots elsewhere but not while she sits there. if anyone does get a clear shot they most likely edited it in post.

Joe Svelnys's picture

That is amazing and an incredible experience to have. Thank you for sharing that bit. One day I hope to get the opportunity. Yeah, if I got stuck with having to hold my telephoto "up" I'd hurt fairly quickly; it's a 4lbs lens. haha.

I responded above just as you were typing here.

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I'm normally ok with foreground objects. But, in this case, I think it'd look cleaner without those 2 grass.

If you decide to keep 'em, I'd at least burn 'em.

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Palying with my ipad let me see there is a potential crop which removes the grass to the left and diminishes in the right, I agree that perhaps it could be a a tad warmer. Having seen the revenant recently, I too would be using a long lens at a larger distance ;0). It's great that you have the opportunity to get this close to nature.

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Yes, the left grass is easy to crop out. Phil Timpany, a great wildlife filmmaker and a great guide, keeps you safe at all times. We saw a bear tree rub ( the full jungle book dance) from 20 feet away. With anyone else the long lens is my option.

Hi, I'd say the distraction is not the grass in the foreground, it's the bear cub looking to the right, away from the other two bears. So I would probably crop him out.