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Philip Rodgers's picture

October sunrise in the Grand Tetons

First post in the group, took this one last month. Stopped on the way home from a Yellowstone trip because well, its Oxbow Bend and the colors were awesome.

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Joe Svelnys's picture

Wonderful photo, the colors are amazing!

If I had only 1 thing to say... and it would be super easy to fix.. Is right where the mountain reflection and the foreground shrub met in the water.. I'd clone out just the tip of that shrub to create some separation between the two. If you meant to do it, then that's cool too. Just my opinion.

That's all, I love the photo! :)

Philip Rodgers's picture

I hadn't really looked at that, it does kinda take away from the reflection. Thanks for the tip!!

Ray Zee's picture

I really like this image.

Elizabeth Yorick's picture

Beautiful! I agree with Joe, about the tip of the shrub. The only other thing I might suggest is dodging on a few of the trees to give some more depth to the image. Welcome to the group!!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Great image and first post, Philip! I agree with Joe and Elizabeth's observations, if only to maximise the potential in what is already a fine image. I think I'd have done exactly that myself. Welcome! Hope to see more from you.