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Fun with Fungi - lots of new and interesting creations from nature.

As a photographer, I think we tend to look beyond other people. I see a lot of people in the park that have no idea of what is going on around them. When you really start to look you see some amazing creations from nature right next to you.

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Alison Pascal's picture

The second to last one is awesome! Love that texture and deep rusty color.

Mike Young's picture

I was surprised at the range of colours. I think that one was using my only prime lens a Canon 50mm on Canon 80D.

Alison Pascal's picture

Mushrooms are so satisfying to photograph for some reason. The color, texture and lines of them are infinitely fascinating. So glad you had fun with fungi! I have a Canon 60D and was thinking of upgrading but the cost is difficult for me since I’m a student. How do you like the 80D?

Mike Young's picture

I still have my original 600d and switched when I got some dirt in the body of the camera. I really like the 80d, it has some really nice features, I can't say I have noticed a big difference with the pixel increase.

Phillip Breske's picture

Really nice series of photos.