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El inicio del día

Hello everyone!

I share with you an image you can make in the Salar de Uyuni, a place that is characterized by the amazing reflections, where earth and sky are one and the same.

I hope it is to your liking.


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Ralph Rackstraw's picture

This Good photo is spoilt by your name tag at the bottom

Ronald Espinoza's picture

There is so much to see in the image, and you are tormented by a small text at the bottom?


Ralph Rackstraw's picture

Yes. My eye goes there first, and then into the wonderful photo.

Mike Young's picture

It is to my liking, thanks for sharing. I don't mind the title on the image.

Ronald Espinoza's picture

Thank you so much Mike, regards from Perú!

Joe S.'s picture

What a gorgeous location.

Ronald Espinoza's picture

Thank you so much! Bolivia is an amazing place.

Roger Applegate's picture


Excellent image.

Well done.

Deleted Account's picture

Wow! Great image... well-deserving of your signature at the bottom. :)