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Rock Arch in Namibia

Earlier this year I took this photo of Spitzkoppe Rock Arch in Namibia. I used the focus stacking technique. This large granite outcrop said to be over 700 million years old. The formations stand out dramatically from the surrounding flat plains of the Namib Desert.

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Ray Zee's picture

So good on so many levels.

Oliver Roesener's picture

Hello did u replace the sky?

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Hi Oliver, I took a shot of the milky-way and kept the frame and took another shot just before sunrise then merged them.

Oliver Roesener's picture

hello ali ,ohh nice work! I am from Namibia.The nights skys are so amazing

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Oh wow, lucky you! One of my favourite countries. Indeed the sky is so clear. I even created a timelapse of the Milky Way.

Roger Applegate's picture

Ali - wicked good. Great frame, composition and edit.

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Thanks Roger! Much appreciated 🙏