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Alan Brown's picture

low sun on the hump

Sunrise highlights valley fog, bathing the peak of Camel's Hump with an early morning glow.

Feedback always welcomed and whether good or bad, appreciated as a gift

Update 11/28/19
I have added a second image with a slightly different crop as suggested.

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Ray Zee's picture

It's a very nice photo. I'd suggest lowering the exposure of the sky a little

Roger Applegate's picture

Alan - great image - fantastic tones.

Being ultra-critical, I somehow would like to see the full trees in the foreground. I know that would ruin the crop.

It is great image the way it is.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Roger. I have been toying with the amount of base to include in the crop so it’s good you point that out.
I plan to review and will include a little more if it feels right.
Thanks for the confirmation.

Alan Brown's picture

Hey Roger, see the updated image.I think that is an improvement without adding too much weight at the bottom.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Just a little too much weight, IMHO, Alan!

Alan Brown's picture

Yeah Chris, that was always my concern....

Roger Applegate's picture

I like the new crop and balance at the bottom. Chris has a point - I would bring the foreground a tiny bit. It is was of those things one would not notice unless we had seen the first image - but we can not unsee it. :-)

Alison Pascal's picture

It's peachy! 🍑 Beautiful color and so serene in the way the fog envelopes the hillside.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Fine image, Alan! Very calm and airy. I think the second crop is significantly better. The trees look better anchored, but the darkness does take away a little of that airiness. I'd go in between. I can see why you toyed around! It makes quite a difference.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Chris. I agree that there is a fine balance (and why I struggled from the beginning) the weight at the bottom always bothered me.
I'll likely follow your suggestion and compromise between the two posted crops.

Chris Jablonski's picture

This is driving me crazy! I'm still vacillating about where I'd crop to optimise it.

Joe Svelnys's picture

Really nice soothing image, the tones, beautiful. I like the added, pinch, of extra trees placed on the bottom.