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Steffen Christensen's picture

Sun and fog started to play around the river.

A wonderful golden morning where the sun and fog started to play around the river.

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Brian Jones's picture

Beautiful capture. I love the warm tones throughout, setting the mood of this image.

Steffen Christensen's picture

Thanks for your comment, have a nice weekend.

Jeff Walsh's picture

I really dig the tones. I do think the top of the image is a bit heavy/empty. I feel like if you cut some of the top off, and if available add in more on the bottom (if not just trimming off some of the top) would really make this a little more punchy. It would also push the eye more to that tree thats at the end of the river there

Steffen Christensen's picture

Thanks for your feedback Jeff, means alot! I see what you mean and maybe Ill go there again soon to shoot again, see if the tree in the background is able to come abit closer. :-) Have a nice weekend.

Roger Applegate's picture

Just my two cents - a little bit of edge patrol on the crop.

Please see below - additionally, I would clone out the pine branches on the right-hand side in PS (i do't have access to it from this machine)

Just my two cents.

Roger Applegate's picture

Also - Forgot to mention - the tones and color of the image are fantastic!

Take care.

Steffen Christensen's picture

Thanks. I get where you want to go with the egdes.. Have a nice day.