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Sunset valley

After a some hiking and a day off scouting this area for landscape photography, the next day we decided to hike back up the hills to this vantage point to shoot the sunset and the twilight on our way back. In this place the compositional possibilities are truly endless, but guided by the presented light, shapes and textures in the landscape, this was the obvious image to make.

To achieve this result i made an exposure blend of 2 shots, combined with a 3rd one for the sunstar at a more closed aperture.

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Joe S.'s picture

Beautiful image and processing on this photo. Simple question, you have a little box in the center top of the photo?

Kevin Teerlynck's picture

Thanks for your comment. The little box is my logo, perhaps displayed to small to recognise here. But i don't like it if it's too distracting. Should work on it ;)

Joe S.'s picture

Ahhhh gotcha! Yeah I just didn't know what it was. :)