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Roger Moffatt's picture

Re-visiting past shoots?

I love taking the time between Christmas and the New Year to look back at what I've shot and to see what I might have missed / not processed the first time around - or to simply take a fresh pair of eyes to an image I like.

This one is taken at Picture Lake in Washington just before a hike around Artist Point. My previous version was wider (this is a crop of a shot taken with my 20mm lens) and I took the time to clone out 2 particularly shiny cars that were distracting to the eye. I wanted to leave some people in though to help provide a scale reference.

Anyone else regularly review previous material to see what they have missed, or is this just a sign that I don't get out enough to shoot new material, ha!

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Jeff Walsh's picture

holy smokes, this is a killer shot. My only "critique" is a personal preference which is the silhouette darkens the sky too much. But again, thats more person pref than anything, this is a superb shot

Roger Moffatt's picture

Thanks Jeff, yes there are various ways I can process this from more naturalistic to what I have here (with more punch) - I likely do have a tendency to over treat my skies though. Thanks again for the kind words!

Roger Moffatt's picture

This is the original Raw file SOOC with no edits by the way.

Yuriy Garnaev's picture

I think you did a great job with the crop and processing! One thing is, I think Jeff also mentioned this, is the silhouette of the mountain and trees feels a bit dark against the sky, whereas the reflection is actually lighter. I would reverse the two to give it a more natural sense of depth. But overall, great image -- makes me want to visit this spot again. I live in Seattle but have only shot this composition once.

I have a backlog of over a year's worth of trips that I want to revisit. So, agreed 100%, sometimes you come across amazing images from past trips after taking a break :)

Roger Moffatt's picture

Oh I see what you (and Jeff) mean now about the silhouette, that makes sense as I have a sky gradient whereas the water is less processed. It's interesting that people are spotting this ... I'll have another tweak! Thanks for the feedback, super helpful.

Orv Salisbury's picture

I a big fan of your new version! Simply beautiful.

Roger Moffatt's picture

Jeff, Yurly - this is a tweaked version per your notes. When I flip between them it does indeed draw my eye more to the mountain as the light balance has changed - but I would be interested to know if you can see the difference too? Is that enough to your mind or am I shying away from a more dramatic edit?

Gregory Scott's picture

I can't figure out how to rate photos in groups. I really like this photo. It is a great location, a good viewpoint, and good composition and color. Except that perhaps the sky is a little bit overdone. Personally, I would consider pulling that back to 3/4 of edited value change.

Roger Moffatt's picture

Something more like this? It's personal taste to a degree, this was edited for impact rather than being naturalistic, they also look pretty cool printed on aluminium with intense colours, but I appreciate it may not be to everyone's taste. Rate how you see it ... there's no right answer, if enough people rated it would eventually settle on something statistically valid that reflects the community view - but it's not black and white.

Gregory Scott's picture

Yeah, I like that. Maybe halfway in between?