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Erick Castellon's picture

First Sunset of 2020

I headed to the coast after I heard that big waves were rolling in and was looking forward to shoot the sunset at Pebble Beach. I wanted to capture the waves splashing against the rocks.

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Orv Salisbury's picture

Well done, nice lighting and composition. I can't believe the Lone Pine is still there!

Erick Castellon's picture

Thanks Orv, yeah he is still here, though early in the year he lost one of the major branch.

Tony Hetherington's picture

Beautiful image and what's so nice to see is movement in the waves...to my mind it always looks so odd when people do long exposures and the water looks bland and uninteresting..( I think I,m possibly in the minority with that view though !!! 😁😁)

Erick Castellon's picture

Thanks Tony, yeah I was trying different options here. I was happy with the results on this shot. Perhaps a bit more texture or clouds in the sky but that is how it goes.

Raquel Pimentel's picture

Mission accomplished. Congratulations Erick!