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Michael Pickles's picture

Hardcastle Crags

Woodland shot from Hardcastle Crags, UK.

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Joe S.'s picture

This is a truly beautiful photo; forest shots can be incredibility tricky to pull off and this shot is just lovely.

Michael Pickles's picture

Many thanks Joe

William Hunter's picture

I second Joe, complex and interesting.

dean wilson's picture

You managed a complex shot without it looking overwhelming with distractions.

Michael Pickles's picture

Much appreciated William and Dean. I felt it had some good leading lines with the path, the wall and the fallen tree in the lower left. The two large trees pull your eye in too to the centre where there's lots of interesting shapes and textures.

fo - tik's picture

half expect to see Lady Galadriel standing in the light, it's that enchanting! Well done Michael.

Technically, was there a bit of Orton Effect used in post?

Michael Pickles's picture

Thanks. There is a touch of Orton, only about 5% opacity. I mainly dropped the clarity in Lightroom and then just did some selective sharpening on the trunks, branches and other small bits where I wanted more texture and detail.

Paul Farace's picture

I love this shot, well done