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ashley Barnard's picture

Storm Ciara UK - Blackpool

The recent storm hitting the coast of the UK this weekend causing flooding and damage, and opportunities for getting some great photos.

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Nice shot. I would probably either clone out the buoy or switch the color from red to a more neutral one to make it less distracting.

Marius van Dyk's picture

just love this .. excellent!

Mark Rowe's picture

What a shot, Ashley! Brilliant! I agree with the comment about the buoy and perhaps the stray bird just above, but these are only small things. Once again, well done really captured the storm with this shot! 👍

chris bryant's picture

Very nice picture. Very dramatic. Looks very wild. My eye goes from the wave to the birds around the tower.

Rod Collett's picture

Great photo. I bet you got very wet taking this one. Thanks for sharing it.

ashley Barnard's picture

:) haha yeh just a little thanks for liking it.