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Mondeval plateau

I spent last week of summer photography trip in 2019 near Passo Giau,on Mondeval Plateau. This is the end result of shooting. It is a vertorama with stacked images (to reduce noise).

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Danny Tan's picture

gorgeous image mate!

Štefan Condík's picture

thank you very much :)

Przemek Lodej's picture

Impressive. Almost surreal. Beautiful.

John Pless's picture

sweet love the fog

Štefan Condík's picture

thank you. fog was great bonus to the scene

Yuriy Garnaev's picture

Absolutely incredible

Tristan Todd's picture

Amazing! I love that mist so much.

Štefan Condík's picture

thanks. the mist was great added value, but also a headache (it soon covered the valley and part of sky and it also caused trouble when blending the vertorama :) )

Jeron Parry's picture

I love this!

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Štefan Condík's picture

thank you a lot :)

Fred Terrien's picture

wow Love it!!