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Lake Reschen in the Italian Alps

Reschensee or Lake Reschen is an artificial lake in the western portion of South Tyrol, Italy, approximately 2 km south of the Reschen Pass, which forms the border with Austria, and 3 km east of the mountain ridge forming the border with Switzerland. It is fed by the Adige, Rojenbach and Karlinbach and drained by the Adige.

The lake is famous for the steeple of a submerged 14th-century church; when the water freezes, this can be reached on foot. A legend says that during winter one can still hear church bells ring. In reality the bells were removed from the tower on July 18, 1950, a week before the demolition of the church nave and the creation of the lake.

> From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reschensee

I look forward for any feedback about the pictures.

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LOVE the second and forth ones Giulio! Wow - what a great thing to see. Your perspective was perfect onn these two.

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I like the first and fourth one, more than the other two. very beautiful composition.