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Transition Zone

Hi All,

I took the a few days ago. I have posted it recently in a different group - sorry to you 'overlappers"! I am hoping that it works here as a small scale landscape.

This was taken on wide smooth beach. In winter, when there are so few people on the beaches, you can find beautiful things in the sand without footsteps in the frames. This was part of a long narrow strip between the dry sand and the sodden sand at the edge of the receding tide. The sand here is black and tan with black grains being smaller so they settle into ridges. Makes for good sand shots!

Feedback is welcome!

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Andrew Williams's picture

When I was a kid (a long time ago) my dad told me the black sand layered in the Ocean City, NJ beach was spilled oil from tankers that had been sunk offshore during World War II. While I know there were tankers sunk off the New Jersey shore (easily seen by German U boats as they were silhouetted by various resorts' lights), it had been 12-13 years since the war at that time, I really doubt that could have still been oil. I have since been told it is some sort of algae/mold that grows just under the sand surface and gets exposed by the wave action.

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Neat picture Ruth. It looks like it was taken from 60000 ft. Not sure I can offer much feedback. Maybe if you were have the same opportunity to shoot this again stop down a little to get a slightly deeper depth of field so that the upper left is as sharp as the lower right.