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Glacier national park has so many photographic opportunities, many of which are areas that are just beside the main roads. This meadow resides just off the highway between Two medicine lake and the corridor to the entrance of the national park. We first came across this meadow after shooting sunrise and took an hour or so scouting out sunset locations. When the time came, we revisited this location and began shooting away. The wind was considerable, so pulling together this shot was fairly difficult as the immediate foreground wild flowers were dancing around non-stop. However, after some tedious focus stacking the fun began and the evening turned out to be a huge success!

Hope you enjoy!

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Yuriy Garnaev's picture

Beautiful image, Eric! I can't wait to visit Glacier myself this Summer.

Eric Thiessen's picture

Thanks Yuriy! Have an awesome time there

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beautiful shot. love the light on the mountains in the background. the foreground might be a little soft but it is a beautiful shot