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Yuriy Garnaev's picture

With lens distortion correction, or without?

I finally processed an image after a two month hiatus. From a hike in the North Cascades last June -- it's great to re-visit some old images with fresh eyes and see what you can find.

There is a subtle difference between the two versions. One has slight manual distortion correction applied, making the distant valley appear larger. The other does not.

Which do you prefer?

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Eric Mischke's picture

Bottom pic seems a bit better

Chris Jablonski's picture

Yuriy, I'm picky, and prefer the second, toggling between them directly but honestly I think the difference is negligible. I'm not sure I could pick which is which if you hung both prints side by side.

With all due respect, do you think you might be too close to the image, if you've just processed it, and not seeing the bigger picture? It happens to most of us.

Nice lush scene in good composition, in either case. The left and right edges look unnaturally dark to my eye, distracting from the natural beauty a bit. Still a wish-I'd-taken-that image!.

Yuriy Garnaev's picture

Thanks Chris!

Indeed, it's always good to take time away from an image after processing. Looking at it again, I definitely prefer the second as well :)

Chris Fowler's picture

Not a huge difference, nice scenery! Was it that dark in between the trees or did you apply some vignetting?

Yuriy Garnaev's picture

It was quite dark in person -- coming out of a forest, into an open meadow. I definitely like to vignette my images, too, but here it's quite true to life.