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Old Oak at Sunset

Trying to keep ourselves in our 'hood during this mess. We've been enjoying the sunsets out here in Western Santa Rosa, CA, the past week as we've had some weather rolling through. Been making it a point to get out for a few minutes in the evening to see what I can catch. Used the Sigma 150-600 sport to capture this right before the sun dipped down behind the coastal range.

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Stunning shot, Randy! Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you Mickey! Appreciate that.

I'm wondering what the tree would have looked like if you between the sun and the tree. The suns rays would have accentuated the limbs instead of being able to just make out the tree.

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Oops, I think you missed a few words. I'd love to hear your CC. Cheers!

Eliminate the dull, blank, less attractive areas of the shot then heighten the shadows & flare.