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Some feedback please

I recently took this shot and was going for a dreamy kind of artistic look with the post processing. Your opinions on this shot is welcome

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Patrick Rosenbalm's picture

I like the way you framed it and the silky water effect with a time exposure but I don't care for what it does to the movement of the closest clouds. I know you are going after and the over all look is good. But the closest of the clouds look odd.
Could try same photo on a cloudless day or replace the sky with software.

If you live near where you took this and have a telephoto try this same shot except zoom into the close rocky outcrop. That might look pretty cool! ;-)

Duane Lewis's picture

Thank you for the reply. I may just try that. I shot this with a 50 mmand felt i wasnt wide enough... but didnt think about zooming into the rock outcrop... thanks for the suggestion

Patrick Rosenbalm's picture

DO and post it! I'll be looking for it!! ;-)

Dennis de Geest's picture

Apart from the clouds I like it a lot. But it is a bit narrow. Maybe a pano next time?

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Everyone has had their two bob's (or 20c to you?) worth, Duane, so I'll just add that the sky looks unnaturally cyan to me. I agree with the points Vijay makes. But please don't take the cumulative criticism to heart - you have a vision, and are trying to convey it. You'll improve with practice - it's quite striking how people's work here improves when they run the gauntlet as you've done here! And you won't agree with everyone, so stick to your basic precepts, and if people tell you they don't work, keep at them until they do. Hope to see more from you.

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I attached one of the original shots just to give an idea of what was there.

Just a few comments, the horizon is actually pretty level I leveled it in C1. I am guessing that the slanting shore line that is kinda converging with the horizon gives the idea of the horizon sloping. I see it as well and questioned it myself. And the sea and sky did have very similar colours... I am guessing an artifact of that time of day and the position of the components affected maybe?

This was shot with a 50 mm 1.8g lens on a D750 using a neutral density filter and circular polarizer and at F16. Its the only lens that I have these filters for that allowed me to get the shutterspeed I wanted at that time of day.

I do like the ideas stated about focussing on the rock outcrop and may head back to that location soon to experiment with that. And I will definitely keep trying to improve my composition skills and the thought process of my shots to improve.

Its kinda becoming a little project of mine to photograph aspects of the lesser known beaches in my country, the ones nobody really hear about but the locals. So look forward to more as time goes on.

Gregory Thanos's picture

Great capture!