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Clayshire Castle

This caste image was taken one hot Saturday afternoon in rural Indiana. I am looking for constructive criticism and ideas of things I can do better. The first is the before, and the second is the after. Thanks in advance!

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Willy Williams's picture

I'd suggest two things:
1) Get your verticals truly vertical. I've modified your photo to illustrate. Part of the photo is gone due to cropping after correction, but you get the idea.
2) Eliminate as much of the grass in the foreground as possible. The sky is much more interesting, especially after your editing. Leave in as much sky as you can. Think of the Rule of Thirds as your guide when you reprocess the photo.

Chloe Kramer's picture

Amazing! Thank you so much!

Phillip Breske's picture

I would suggest shooting this location in the late afternoon. Out of curiosity, I looked up the satellite view of this building and it faces due west, which means the sun will illuminate the inside of the doorway when it is lower in the sky. I think this would result in a more interesting photo by eliminating the dark hole at the front.

Also, there seems to be a cloverleaf pattern in the center of the circle in the foreground. Maybe set your camera up in front of that so you get a peek at the topiary design with the "castle" in the background? Definitely better than a frame full of grass.

If you know me, you know I'd shoot this in black and white, but the colors of the sky might be good in the late afternoon or even at sunset.