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‘Dark heights’

Taken on top of Mont Blanc.

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Nero Johnson's picture

Great photo

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Cheers, Nero 🙌 appreciate you taking the time to comment!

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Hi Mark. Am presently learning about BW and art images through case studies and have been seeing a few good works. following in continuation.

For me, this image has good potential of foreground, mid-ground and background. In my opinion, the snow mountain in the mid to back plane could be very good focal element. the vision can be made to lead there. One of my strong observation is the need to treat the sky differently such that all the glory of mountain tips gets expressed well. presently its like the crown got subdued. The big mountain in the foreground holds the vision for long time. am learning that either shadow could be increased or may be removed from frame by taking the shot from little more right. Sky at back is totally dark. it may hold some light in gradation.

recently, I was struggling with similar image of mine and hence shared the above. if you do not like anything, my reflection may please be ignored and deleted. thanks.

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Hi Vijay,

First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to comment and I think it’s very important to listen to constructive critique like yours and is something that this site and others can lack (especially when it comes to critique the community competitions), although I haven’t entered this for such a critique, I do appreciate feedback.

I agree that the eye is held at the foreground element. My intention with this edit was to bump those highlights in the ‘s’ shaped curve along the mountain ridge so as to lead the eye through the frame. With your feedback I think my next edit (I have plenty of these shots from my trip) I will look to do a similar style, but concentrate more on taking the viewer through a journey within the frame using highlights equally. The mountain peeks (as you say) in this image, are darker than they should be.

Thank you again, Vijay. I wish there were more people like yourself on platforms like this, as it’s a sure fire way of helping us all to improve our work! 👍

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PS. The sky I made intentionally that dark, I wanted that to be a fairly negative space area, thinking it would keep the concentration on the ‘s’ curve ridge. I’ll keep open minded about this for next time though 😊

Robert Tran's picture

Dope man. This is a dodging and burning playground for days. Kudos on getting to the summit, BTW.

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Ha! Sure was a dodge and burn fest! Thank you for the nice comments, pal! Incredible place, I can’t take credit for hiking it though... we took the cable car up and walked the rest, thin air so difficult to catch your breath at 4,000 meters but insane views! 🙌